Building in an ecological and sustainable way has become necessary if we want to take care of the environment.

At Grupo Mora we do our bit and we build in green to have a better present and environmental future. .

Stay until the end and we will tell you how.

Building green

Sustainable construction involves the use of materials and construction processes that have a low environmental impact. For this reason, there are a series of guidelines for the selection of materials to be used in this type of construction:

  • They should conform to a specific model.
  • From a fair production
  • Affordable price.
  • That they are recoverable.
  • Non-polluting.
  • That they consume little energy during their life cycle.
  • That they have a cultural value in their environment.
  • That they come from abundant and renewable sources.
  • That they are partly recyclable.
  • They do not contain CFCs or odours.
  • They should come from as close to the building as possible.

Another thing to bear in mind is that materials that last a lifetime are more environmentally friendly, because they do not become waste. For example, cement, stone and brick can last for generations. And of course, it is important to use materials that do not release toxins, which can put people’s health at risk.

On the other hand, the importance of renewable energies should be emphasised. The use of energy sources such as wind, hydroelectric and solar energy has a low environmental impact and makes it possible to create more efficient buildings that pollute less.

Its location and surroundings must also be taken into account.

Because a building should damage its surroundings and the environment as little as possible. The nature of the landscape should be preserved as much as possible by considering green buildings with parks, gardens and other vegetation.

There are even options, such as reusing a building while keeping as many structural elements as possible, which would help to reduce the environmental impact of the construction process.

In conclusion

Building in an eco-friendly way is becoming more and more essential if we want to take care of our environment.

At Grupo Mora, in continuous evolution and innovation, we work to achieve more ecological, sustainable and efficient buildings in order to improve the lives of people and their environment. We are committed to sustainability, optimal management of resources and environmental quality in processes and activities..

We believe in a future with less pollution and more adapted to sustainability. That is why we do everything in our power to build green..

Will you join us?