Do you really want to know what customer experience is and how important it is? Are you interested in knowing how we work to achieve the wow effect on our clients at Grupo Mora? If you are still not clear on what customer experience is and how to exceed your customers’ expectations, stay until the end and we will tell you about it.

If you are still not clear on what customer experience is and how to exceed your customers’ expectations, stay until the end and we will tell you about it.

What is the customer experience?

It is a change of mindset where the whole company works to achieve the customer WOW effect throughout all the company’s actions, but not with just intentions but with specific methodologies, tools and indicators.

We are seeing an exponential development in those companies that use the prism of Customer Experience, serving as a lever for generating value, as a differentiating element beyond the product (or service),which allows us to talk about things other than price and to be experts in customer relations, which contributes to a company having more growth and customer loyalty compared to its competitors..

This culture would not have the acceptance and interest it has if it were not for its impact on the bottom line.

Did you know that companies that deliver an outstanding Customer Experience achieve higher profitability, more loyalty and more sales than the average company in their industry?

And customers with the best Experience spend between 2 and 3 times more (depending on the sector) and the intention to leave a company that excels in delivering Experiences is around 3% versus 37% in those companies that lag behind in the so-called CUSTOMER CENTRIC culture..

For all these reasons, it is essential to implement actions focusing on the customer experience. And that is how we work at Grupo Mora.

How to achieve the WOW effect on customers

To improve your customer’s experience and exceed their expectations, it is important to pay attention to all communication, service and sales processes for each customer.

Here are some tips to achieve it:

  • Appeal to emotions: you must make your customer feel identified with your company through a shared emotion.
  • Personalise messages: each person needs to feel unique and special, so the relationship between the customer and the company should be person-to-person.
  • Humanise communication: being concerned about the needs and tastes of the customer and making them see it is a detail that will make the difference with respect to other companies.
  • Show proximity: your company must be close to your customers so that they feel part of your community.
  • Manage the unexpected: turn problems into opportunities, deal with mistakes and reward your customers so that they have a positive perception of your company.

At Grupo Mora we apply all these actions to achieve a good customer experience and exceed their expectations..

We strive to provide excellence when serving our clients, providing them with the opportunity to work with the best professionals, offering them all our experience in the different sectors, and supplying them with the tools they require so their experience is unparalleled.

We hope you liked this article and if you want to know more about what we do, you can get to know us a little better here.