In recent years, green building construction has experienced substantial growth, especially in cities with high population concentration.

This type of building reflects on its environmental footprint from the design phase, taking into account the impacts it will have during its construction, service life and demolition.

And there are a number of reasons why building green is undoubtedly the best long-term choice.

Savings in operating costs

Green buildings, due to their characteristics, generate a reduced consumption of energy such as gas, water or electricity.

As a result, their operating and maintenance costs are lower in the long term.The investment is recovered in the short term due to the energy savings of these projects, which generally outweigh any additional design and construction costs.

A compelling reason to build “green” buildings.

The economic value

As residents and investors in green buildings understand the importance of green buildings, the marketability of green buildings increases.Green buildings become more attractive to investors, renters and sellers, thus boosting prices.

It even attracts new businesses and services to the area, thus enriching the neighbourhood and increasing the value of the building.

The environmental impact

There is no doubt that sustainable building is synonymous with modernity and empathy for the environment. It is becoming increasingly necessary if we want to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

The use of sustainable materials or energies such as wind, hydro and solar energy, makes the environmental impact low and allows for more efficient buildings that pollute less.

This has a positive impact on our environment and makes it more sustainable over time.

In addition, there is a growing need to create buildings that can meet the challenges of rising energy costs, water scarcity and the risk of extreme weather conditions.

All this to reduce the negative impact on the environment and create more sustainable and healthy environments.

In conclusion

At Grupo Mora we work to achieve greener, more sustainable and efficient buildings in order to improve the lives of people and their environment. Furthermore, in our own house, within the Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention and Environment Department, we are working on developing different action plans with the same objective:

To improve the GROUP’s energy consumption by reducing energy wastage and recovering waste. We believe in a future with less pollution and more adapted to sustainability.

We continue BUILDING YOU, and now, we are also building green!