For several years now, there has been a growing debate on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a tool to lessen the possible negative impact of companies on social, labour and environmental rights.

We are currently at a stage of transformation of production systems where companies are taking corporate social responsibility into account in order to build a better world in the short, medium and long term.

But let’s start from the beginning…

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a way of managing companies based on managing the impact of their activities on their customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and society in general.

It is the strategy that a company designs to provide solutions, improvements, aid and support to society (including employees, customers and the environment) through the measures it carries out.

Measures that improve the lives of its employees, customers, shareholders and society in general.

Characteristics and benefits of CSR

The objective is to advocate collective interest over individual interest. Therefore, different aspects are covered:

  • Consumer interests
  • Labour and employment practices
  • Anti-fraud and anti-corruption
  • Health protection
  • Human rights
  • Environment

Companies have a considerable impact on the community in which they operate. It is therefore increasingly necessary for them to take concrete actions to improve the community in which they operate.

In addition, corporate social responsibility actions have great benefits in terms of corporate reputation.

To a large extent, they are a source of pride for the people who work in them and, therefore, for attracting and retaining talent.

But also, for investors, suppliers, partners, customers and society in general.

Because carrying out CSR actions improves their brand image, their competitiveness and increases their value.

  • Implementing CSR strategies brings benefits such as:
  • Customer and supplier loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • More motivated employees
  • Better financial backing
  • Prestige

After seeing all that it brings, it is clear that all companies should implement CSR actions to grow as a society.

Especially because of the many benefits it brings.

In conclusion

Corporate social responsibility is a concept that affects the different areas of company management.

It seeks to raise the awareness of all the people who make up the company regarding the impact of their actions.

At Grupo Mora we have designed a corporate social responsibility strategy with the aim of improving the lives of the people who make up the company.

Employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

But also, to contribute to the improvement of the environment and society.

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