In today’s dynamic business environment, communication is critical to a company’s success and reputation. In the case of Grupo Mora, we recognise the importance of establishing solid communication strategies that promote transparency, cohesion and commitment both within and beyond our corporate borders.

Internal Communication: Fostering Cohesion and Transparency

At Grupo Mora, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. As such, we have implemented a variety of internal communication strategies designed to foster team cohesion, keep all members informed and promote a collaborative work environment.

Some of our key practices include:

Corporate intranet: We have developed a robust internal platform where employees can access relevant company information, share resources and participate in discussions.

Internal newsletters: We regularly publish e-newsletters highlighting news, team achievements, policy updates and corporate events.

Internal meetings and events: We organise regular meetings, both face-to-face and virtual, where employees have the opportunity to interact with senior management, ask questions and share ideas.

Direct communication channels: We encourage an open-door policy where employees can communicate directly with company leaders to raise concerns, suggestions or innovative ideas.

External Communication: Building long-lasting relationships

External communication is fundamental to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, investors and the community at large. At Grupo Mora, we strive to maintain open, transparent and consistent communication with all stakeholders. Some of our strategies include: Some of our strategies include:

Social media presence: We maintain active profiles on various social media platforms, where we share relevant news, product updates and content of value to our followers.

Communications: We issue communications to announce new projects, strategic collaborations, important milestones and other news relevant to our customers and suppliers.

Events and conferences: We actively participate in industry events, conferences and trade shows where we have the opportunity to interact with potential customers, establish business contacts and share our experiences and knowledge.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns: We demonstrate our commitment to the community and the environment through CSR initiatives, and communicate our CSR efforts and achievements through various channels.

At Grupo Mora we recognise the critical importance of effective internal and external communication. Our strategies are designed to strengthen relationships within our organisation and build strong and lasting relationships with all our external stakeholders.

We believe that clear, consistent and transparent communication is fundamental to our continued success and our positive impact on the community.