Since for a company both, internal and external communication, are essential to keep growing.

Communication is a very important value that can decide a company course. .

For this reason, we are telling you the benefits of good internal and external communication in a company.

Benefits of Internal Communication

We must not forget that companies are what their human teams are.
Hence, in Grupo Mora we use internal communication to be well informed and manage the human team of our Group.
We share3 benefitsof internal communication in a company below:

It improves organization and work process.

When you have a good internal communication, staff can know clearly how the company works, which are their roles inside the company and how work process is, depending on the job position. .

It improves work environment.

f people who are working in your company have the proper information, uncertainty and rumours are reduced.
This creates a good environment between the employee and the company. Therefore, it builds confidence and the employee is more satisfied.

It increases productivity

As we have mentioned, having a good internal communication enhances the employee satisfaction. If the employee satisfaction improves, their motivation increases, and as a consequence, their productivity too.

Benefits of external communication

Providing a good customer service and contact with our public are the main priorities of our companies..

In addition, a good external communication is key to have a strong brand positioning in the market.

Here you have 3 benefits of external communication in the company:

It increases visibility

Having a good external communication in different media channels will help people to knowyou.
The more people you reach, the more potential customers you can get.

It improves the company image

External communication allows the improvement of the company impact and the brand positioning in the market.
Not only with people who did not know you, but also with your customers and providers.
Moreover, if you have a good internal communication, your satisfied employees will communicate externally the kindness of your company and, consequently, your company image will improve.

It improves the economic growing

A good external communication will help to achieve your business goals and increase your benefits.
Increasing your visibility and improving the company image will help youto attract more customers and win the loyalty of the ones you already have.

In conclusion

In Grupo Mora we know the importance of internal and external communication to improve our personal and professional relationships. .

Due to all this, Grupo Mora promotes its COMMUNICATION MODEL.

We work under different action lines and our goal is promoting our communication style, which is based on 4 elements:

  • Closeness
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Constructive feedback

This Project has its origin in the internal work of the MARKETING team along with the Department of PEOPLE AND CORPORATIVE CULTURE.

As well as the support of several external collaborators that have made significant contributions in the training phase in Communication Skills for the Management team and Middle Management of GRUPO MORA. .

In Grupo Mora we communicate, internally and externally, all the news of our companies in a clear, sincere, transparent and sympathetic way..

In Grupo Mora, We Are Communication.