Some years ago, the only way of contacting someone was visiting them and checking if they were at home.
Sometimes you were lucky, sometimes you weren’t.
Right now, in a global world as the one we are living in nowadays, where we are connected in every moment, it is very easy to get in touch with your friends and relatives.
The Internet and telecommunications have marked a milestone for our nteractions.
A globalization and a beginning of digital channels that allow us to be interconnected and this has benefited us in relation to communication with other people.

3 Benefits of globalization in communication

Globalization has brought us, among others, these 3 main benefits in communication:

The scope

A few decades ago, it was unimaginable that a person in Spain and another one in Australia could communicate directly and steadily, and practically, reach every corner of the world.

Globalization and the Internet have made it possible.


Now, we have the possibility of communicating with someone in real time and/or in a matter of minutes or seconds.
Nowadays, millions of people from all around the world communicate in an instantaneous way, allowing to project their messages even more.

H3 Omnichannel and omnidirectional

With globalization and the beginning of the Internet, new communication channels were born, and today, it is possible to have a voice in different channels to communicate with the receiver.
Current communication offers the possibility of being omnichannel and omnidirectional.
Furthermore, thanks to the Internet, new digital channels were born, where we can interact with other people in different directions.

Digital channels and where to communicate with us

Digital channels are here to stay and they are the present and the future of our communication.
A digital channel is that one that uses a network to make possible the delivery of the message to their receiver or receivers.
The most popular digital channels are, unquestionably, the social media, since from the beginning of these, they have had their peak, which have provided them with social recognition to interact with others.
However, apart from social media, there are other important digital channels to interact with us and which are part of our day. .
In Grupo Mora, we use numerous digital channels to be in contact with you.

Through our website, where we give you all the details about what we do.
Through our blog, which offers value information about our sector and the rest of the companies that belong to the group, where you can leave a comment in each article giving us your opinion or asking any question.
Through our e-mail, to be in contact with us, in an internal level (if you are an employee) or in an external level (if you are a customer or someone interested in our company).
Our newsletter to receive any news.
And, of course, our social media, which are a way to express ourselves, where we can enrich each other and exchange experiences and opinions, virtually interacting. .
Finally, the use of all these channels has a main goal.
Improve the customer experience.

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