To become number one of the world, Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal has shown sacrifice and education that must be praised. Both values have inspired the construction of this high-performance centre, provided with the best facilities and the highest technology applied to sport.

The high-performance centre located in Majorca, which was named after him, has a floor area of 24,014 m2and it will have 18 tennis courts, a school and housing for the athletes.

In the centre there will be 3 swimming pools, a paddle court, 7 football fields and a multi-sport field. Furthermore, it will have a medical centre, a meeting and business centre and 35 apartments for professional teams willing to train in Majorca.

The main goal of this centre is becoming a world-wide reference, and Hierros Mora Antón is proud of collaborating with these fantastic works, their main contribution for this wonderful high-performance centre is providing shot blasted and primed beams.